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Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Lantern Movie Starts Shooting Next Spring

by Alex Billington

Green Lantern

Just the other day I went down to my local comic book store to pick up some issues of Mark Millar's War Heroes. While there I got into a discussion with my friend who happens to be a big Green Lantern fan. He had seen that concept art that we posted a while back and said that if it got made, it would be an awesome movie. Earlier today I caught up briefly with producer Donald De Line, who is developing the Green Lantern film, and asked him for an update. He told me that "a new draft of the script came in" and they're "gearing up to start shooting early spring." While it's not confirmed, he added that "it's coming together and I'm excited about it. Hopefully we'll make it to start gate. We're really close - really close."

It sounds like as long as everything continues to stay on track, this will be shooting next year. And that means we'll definitely see that Green Lantern movie that all the fans have been waiting for, or so it sounds like. Latino Review's El Mayimbe got a chance to check out that script that was turned in recently and gave it a very positive review, saying "fanboys are gonna love the shit out of it." His version differs slightly from the one IESB reviewed a month ago as well. You can read El Mayimbe's full review of the script, but I just love this little snippet about the story and want to feature that on its own.

"The structure adheres closely to what I call - the 'superhero origin movie paradigm.' In Green Lantern's case, Hal Jordan has to overcome his selfishness and self pity over the death of his father Martin Jordan which takes place early in the script. Hal Jordan for the first 20 pages or so is a prick. The story follows the Green Lantern origin closely and cinematically speaking – IT WORKS."

It's great to hear that a beloved comic book character is actually getting a worthy adaptation. It sounds like this ain't no Fantastic Four - this is the real deal and this is the real Green Lantern movie that everyone wants to see. De Line confirmed again that Greg Berlanti, of "Everwood" and The Broken Hearts Club, will be directing. I've been anxious for updates on this because I've got a good feeling it's going to be one of the big movies of 2010 and with script reviews and news like this, it's well on its way to becoming that. I know I'm not the only one who is anxiously waiting to find out who they cast as Hal Jordan. And although I'm excited now, I just hope Berlanti can do a good job with such an intergalactic concept.

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