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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mercedes SL63 Review

Chismillionaire is not sure if the person with a deposit on an F430 spyder would go for this car-

Somehow, no matter how you polish it up with fancy electronics and multi-clutch manual transmissions or monster brakes, this is still a 4200 pound roadster with an origami hardtop, not really what a exotic owner is looking for. An older gentleman with hat full of viagra and not needing to shout his success would be a perfect match. The SL65 Black series would be the more apt comparison for the lunatic fringe.

Personally Chismillionaire is non plussed with the look of this facelift finding it cold and aloof and thinks the 2003-2007 design is far more classy and elegant and will be a far more timeless design.


By Joe DeMatio