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Friday, September 5, 2008

Dutch Dance Club Lets Patrons Produce Energy

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Last week, I profiled a gym that uses human-powered energy. It’s a brilliant idea, but there’s no reason why it should be limited to the gym. If you think about it, dancing expends just as much energy as working out. Shouldn’t that energy go somewhere too?

Rotterdam’s WATT club, which just opened today, features a dance floor where the disco lights become more dynamic as patrons get their groove on. The floor even has a meter to show people how much energy they’re producing at any given moment.

WATT contains more than just an electricity producing dance floor. Drinks are stored in basement tanks to save energy by using a central cooling system and toilets in the club flush with rainwater. The so-called “pee experience” lets patrons watch rooftop rainwater travel through transparent pipes when they flush.

The club’s owners claim that WATT saves 30 percent on energy and carbon emissions and 50 percent on waste and water compared to most nightclubs. WATT follows in the footsteps of a green dance floor in London, and the club’s parent company has plans to bring the sustainable dance floor concept to the United States. Could this be the next big thing in nightlife?