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Friday, September 5, 2008

Citroen Hypnos hybrid Crossover

PARIS — Citroën previewed its Hypnos hybrid crossover in advance of the 2008 Paris Auto Show, showing off a low-slung concept designed to take aim at the BMW X6 and Infiniti FX. Curiously, the Citroën Hypnos is named after a figure in Greek mythology who personified sleep and lived in a dark cave where the sun never shines, according to Wikipedia.

The Hypnos is anything but a snorer, however. It is characterized by exaggerated features, such as oversize doors and tires. The cabin gets jewel-like, faceted seats — not surprising given Citroën's track record in striving to attract attention on its home-turf auto show. "A powerful sensory experience awaits the driver and passengers, taking them into the realm of pure magic," said Citroën in a statement heavy with hyperbole.

Without giving away critical details — which will come when the crossover is unveiled on October 2 — Citroën said the hybrid gets a 200-horsepower engine with low fuel consumption and emissions.

No word on whether the Hypnos will ever see the light of day as a production vehicle.

What this means to you: Citroën shows its wild and crazy side with the Hypnos concept.