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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Audi Owner gets "Full Service"

2008 Audi RS4

A U.K. man reportedly picked up his recently serviced Audi RS4 with a total of 27 separate joy rides recorded by his hidden tracking system.

According to the Telegraph, owner Mark Reece left his car at the Audi U.K. authorized service center near London for 11 days while away on a business trip. Upon retrieval of his car, he not only noticed the good chunk of joy rides logged in his system, but also a large scratch down the rear quarter panel and an oil stain on his trunk lid.

"When I got the car back and looked at the log, I couldn't believe it," Reece said. "There is no need to start a car 27 times and drive it around recklessly to do a service."

The log booked a 60 mph run through a suburban area on the third day the car was in the garage. Much the same occurred the next day and once more in the following week.

As expected, no one at the garage is accepting the blame.

Audi U.K. offered this statement though, "We are looking into the alleged issues relating to the service on Mark Reece's Audi RS4. Our initial inspection of the data provided by Mr. Reece has been inconclusive. Until the data from the Tracker fitted to the customer's car can be more fully interrogated and verified, we cannot comment further."

No word on if Audi will pick up the tab, but it's likely they'll be losing a well-heeled customer if no compensation is dolled out from somewhere. Still, at least they we're courteous enough to not completely smash up the fast ride.