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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Amazing 150″ Panasonic Life Wall TV

This is the Life Wall by Panasonic. An extremely thin 150″ TV that does amazing things. It has face recognition so that it recognizes the face(s) that watch it and adjusts the display or program to that person’s preferences automatically.

How about having a TV that will move with you as you walk around the living room to keep the display right in front of you? The display would be large or small depending on how far away from the screen you were. It could display a screen saver instead of a black screen when turned off.

Powerful life-size images could dance with you, and videophone linkups would look like the caller was in the same room.

Video games would take on a whole new dimension with endless possibilities. School could be at home while the teacher could be at school. IP cameras would give the feeling of being there. None of this is science fiction. This is all part of Panasonic’s Life Wall TV.

Panasonic says it will go into production in 2009!