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Monday, August 18, 2008

The world's hottest chilli pepper - the Dorset Naga - comes to Tesco

By Ryan Kisiel

Its lethal effects include burning eyes, streaming nose, uncontrollable hiccups and much, much worse.

And it is about to be sold at Tesco.

The world's hottest chilli pepper, the Dorset Naga, will be available in 10g sachets containing up to three tiny fruits, at a price of 89p.

Dorset Naga

Red hot: The notorious Dorset Naga, which is being launched across the UK by Tesco

‘The Dorset Chilli is something only absolute connoisseurs of very hot food and those with asbestos-lined stomachs should even consider trying.

‘However, that said, there are an increasing number of chilli heads as they are officially known, that not only savour but endorse these tiny vegetables as being beneficial in helping sweat out the body’s toxins.

‘We trialled them in our test kitchens and even the hardest blokes in our team were brought to their knees.

‘Anyone brave enough to try the Dorset Chilli will definitely be yelling "Ooh argh".’

The tiny ingredient was recently used to make the world’s hottest curry, a Bollywood Burner in a London restaurant.


In the last year, brave Brits have splashed out £9 million on chillies, ranging from the fiery Scotch Bonnet and Bird’s Eye to the milder green, red and Orange Topaz varieties.

Mr Corbett added: ‘Chilli pepper culture in the UK has really come on in the last few years and they are no longer thought of as a culinary novelty.

‘In the past we used to primarily stock chilli peppers in areas where there was a large Afro-Caribbean or Asian community but nowadays we sell them in stores right across Britain.’ The Dorset Naga will be sold in 10g sachets which contain up to three chillis.

They cost 89p per sachet.