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Monday, August 18, 2008

Watch The Righteous Kill Redband Trailer You F*cking Mutt

Posted by Rob Hunter ( on August 17, 2008

Righteous Kill Logo

The upcoming Robert De Niro/Al Pacino thriller, Righteous Kill, has a new redband trailer. Watch it below and then see if you agree with some assumptions about the movie.

So what can we assume about Righteous Kill from this new trailer?

**Warning — This May Contain Spoilers. That is, if we are right… We have not yet seen the film. At this point we are just guessing.**

1) De Niro may succeed in beating his own long standing record (Casino) for ”fuck” utterances and derivations. 2) Carla Gugino gets naked. Again. 3) Director Jon Avnet and Pacino may have redeemed themselves for the travesty that was 88 Minutes. 4) Brian Dennehy is still alive. 5) Pacino is the vigilante killer and De Niro will have to shoot him in the end. This would of course make them even for Heat.

Does the new trailer make you more or less inclined to see Righteous Kill?

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