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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peugot's Missing Link hybrid concept

PARIS — Peugeot seems to be channeling its aggressive side, if the photos released on Wednesday of its new hybrid concept car are any indication. The new concept, dubbed "RC" for the time being, will be formally unveiled at the 2008 Paris Auto Show.

Peugeot said the full name of the car will be disclosed later. The French automaker says the GT coupe is "the missing link between the RC and concept cars revealed in 2002 and the 908 RC." The RC concept cars, introduced at the 2002 Geneva Auto Show, were low, lean 2+2 coupes with steeply raked windshields and a catlike look. They were shown in gasoline and diesel variants.

The Peugeot 908 RC, introduced in Paris in 2006, took a little criticism from such lofty quarters as Car Design News, which called the sensuous vehicle "another Ferrari-esque flight of fancy that will have no consequence for future Peugeots."

Details are sketchy on the new four-seat concept. Peugeot said it has "highly innovative hybrid architecture" with a potential maximum power output of 313 horsepower and low or zero emissions, depending on whether it's operating in the combined mode or in electric mode only.

What this means to you: Peugeot says the concept is a "working laboratory," but only time will tell if it ever sees the light of day. — Anita Lienert, Correspondent