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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Looks like FireCrotch might be back on the Saddle.....sorry Samantha....

From Turden

Billy Bushs indomitable spirit brings joy to America's heart, but he may have just made an enemy in Samantha Ronsom. She’s met him, probably thought she knew him, but nothing would prepare her for what would happen next. Access Hollywood says...

Back in Athens in 2004, we asked Michael which Hollywood celebrity he’d most like to meet.
Lindsay Lohan,” he told us then. “She’s pretty hot.”
Well, Billy Bush reached out Lindsay for messages to Michael during the Beijing games.
Earlier in the week, Lindsay told Billy to tell Michael, “Good Luck.”
So what did Lindsay tell Billy today to say to Michael, following his 8th gold medal win?
“Tell him he’s (expletive) amazing, and I want to meet him.”
Yeah Lindsay is gonna hit that. She watched him do that butterfly kick underwater and hatched her plan right then. She hasn’t gotten any in months, so try not to stare if you see her next week with a cold Bud Light can pressed against her crotch.