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Friday, May 16, 2008


I heard about this...this morning on the radio, i thought it was a joke, until I hit-up Google...WTF....

Raccoon Penis Bone Earrings Get Women's Mojos Working

Shepherdstown, VA (WFN) -- With a prick of the ears, women are getting their mojos working.

Ladies all across the U.S. are putting on pewter and gold earrings cast from the five-inch-long bone of a raccoon's penis, an item which has been used as a love amulet for years in the South.

The so-called Vavamojos are sold by four Southern gals who call themselves the VaVas and who have changed their lives after donning earrings made from raccoon "pecker" bones.

VaVa "Mustang" Sally Johnson discovered the good-luck charm on a boar-hunting trip in South Carolina, and immediately picked up a batch for her and her girlfriends to wear.

Their line of earrings, necklaces and amulets are made from precious metal instead of real bone because, as Sally says, "we didn't want to decimate the penile population of raccoons in America."

Celebs are hopping on the Vavamojo bandwagon too. Sally says Vanessa Williams loves hers and Sarah Jessica Parker wore hers during a "People" magazine cover shoot

THIRD EYE BLIND frontman wooed pop star VANESSA CARLTON by giving her a dried raccoon's penis necklace and JT LEROY's novel SARAH.

The A THOUSAND MILES singer, 24, fell for the 40-year-old rocker, who once dated CHARLIZE THERON, two years ago when they toured together - but she admits she was wary of him at first.

Carlton says, "He was always really nice. He bought me flowers and welcomed me to the tour, but I just felt suspicious of men in general at that point. He was trying, but it wasn't happening.

"He came into my dressing room once, like weeks into the tour. He handed me this white, ivory necklace with a black cord, and I was like, 'What is this? Now you're giving me gifts?'

"He was like, 'It's a raccoon penis bone...' and then he gave me SARAH (Leroy's book), and it immediately made me curious and comforted that he wanted to share things with me.

"I just thought that was so rare for the frontman of a band to do. They just tend to be really one-dimensional."