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Friday, September 23, 2011

Magisto - Three-click Movie Making

Making a movie isn't easy -- it's not like you can just mix-n-match "Nic Cage" with "Werewolves" with "An Ancient Sword of Power" and end up with...wait, has anyone thought of this yet?! Transforming your own clips into totally watchable mini-flicks: Magisto.

Outta sunny Israel, Mag's a free "magical" video editing service that automatically analyzes your clips for their "best parts", fixes any imperfections, adds transitions, and spits out a condensed, well-edited mini-movie in less than 30mins, all stunningly accomplished with "no people involved", so there could still be a few redheads in the mix.
To get rolling, upload up to 16 video files (not exceeding 600mb total), create a title, and pick your soundtrack either from their stock of recognizable jams or your own tunes library, in case you want some Goldfinger for your Goldfinger.
Mag's top-secret proprietary tech somehow weeds out boring footage, then stabilizes frames, reduces noise pollution, and adds "smart" effects, so you can sit back and wait for an email with the finished product, which can be quickly uploaded to YouTube, and just as quickly flagged for lewdness.
If you feel like posting the vid on Facebook it'll even automatically detect the mugs of people in the vid and suggest you tag them, though if any of your friends don't want to be seen you may find yourself in an old-fashioned Face/Off.