Now we don't pretend to be poker experts here at Asylum, but we do love a friendly game every couple of weeks or so.

Normally it's just an excuse to eat our bodyweight in Pringles, drink approximately a gallon of beer (each) and vent our frustration with each other in the form of red and black bits of card.

But recently, our love of the good old-fashioned game of poker has extended from the lazy casual meet-up every once in a while to searching for the biggest and best hands of Texas Hold 'Em YouTube has to offer – every other day.

Somehow, we managed to unhook ourselves from the tractor beam-like pull of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Sam Farha (or whoever you like most, really) on everyone's favourite video site and get on with our lives...

...until now. Pulling together our favourite bad beats, big bluffs and all-out uber-lucky mega-hands, we've got approximately loads of clips to show you today, all of them table-slammingly exciting/mad/lucky (delete as appropriate). In other words... enjoy – you may be some time.

QQ vs. KK vs. AA vs. 77 vs. 55

AA vs. KK vs. KK

KJ (suited) vs. AA

87 (suited, in the dark) vs A3

AA vs. AA

A4 vs. KJ vs. 99 – AQ9 flop

27 (offsuit) vs. K10

27 vs. KK

92 vs. 98 vs. AJ

A4 vs. 99

35 vs. 98 – 835 flop

AJ vs. KK – 3Q10

AA vs. KQ vs. AK

K5 (diamonds) vs. A8 (clubs)

AA vs. 109