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Friday, August 12, 2011

Kelly Slater’s Aerial 360 Wins U.S. Open in Calif., Amazes Humans Everywhere

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Kelly Slater was sort of like Merlin — aging backwards. Because who, at age 39, pulls out competition tricks like this one, letting the young little whippersnappers eat his spray? (Oh, right. Ok, besides Tony Hawk. )

On his first run in the men’s U.S. Open, held in Huntington Beach this week, Slater landed an aerial backside 360 into a reverse.

The competition was “all but over,” says the Bleacher Report, but Slater, ever the gentleman, offered his spot in the rotation to competitor Yadin Nicol. According to The LA Times:

Slater let Nicol take his spot in the rotation.”When you’re that guy that’s leading, you’re just hoping time is running out,” Slater said. “And then I just started feeling so bad. I came up to him and said, ‘Man, I am so frustrated for you right now. I have priority, but you can have whatever wave you want.’”It was a grand and unnecessary gesture from the champ.

Super-nice and super-talented works well for this guy. Looks like we still can expect to be seeing it for a while.

Video via SurfGeek.TV on You Tube.