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Monday, August 22, 2011

10 gadgets you won't believe actually exist


Think about what it must have been like to live 100 years ago. Compared to our high-tech lifestyles today, it must have been like banging rocks together in a cave. In that time we have developed cellphones, computers, the Internet, space travel and more. On the flip side, we've also developed virtual kissing machines and portable watermelon coolers. Truly, we are living in a gilded age.

Nerd Approved
Severed hand iPhone caseWhat could I possibly do with an iPhone 4 case that has a severed hand attached to it? I guess I could shake hands with my iPhone or give my iPhone a high five when I reach a new level in a game. Maybe I could hold iPhone's hand when I'm scared and lonely or dress it up in pants and a shirt and pretend it's my best friend. After I've earned its trust I can use the hand to frame iPhone for crimes it didn't commit. Yes, this is a brilliant plan that makes complete sense. $64 — Strapya World via Nerd Approved

Nerd Approved
Travel Trac bike book holderAs you know, biking and reading go together like peanut butter and arsenic, unicycles and steep cliffs or chainsaws and eyepatches. Despite this fact, someone, somewhere thought manufacturing a book holder that can be mounted to bicycles was a good idea. And lest you think this is just for training bikes in your home gym, the sales promo states "It mounts in seconds to virtually any road, mountain or stationary bike." $14.99 — Performance Bicycle

Wearable emergency toiletWhen you are faced with a bathroom emergency do you go a.) go in the woods? b.) Go in an alley? c.) Go in your pants? The answer, of course, is to squat down in a trash bag that has pellets inside that transform liquid waste into a sold, gelatinous goo. At least that's how they are doing it in Japan thanks to this wearable toilet. Japan Probe via Fashionably Geek
Nerd Approved
Goatee SaverSometimes worrying whether or not my goatee is perfectly groomed keeps me up at night. My family has joked that when I die my goatee will be placed in an envelope and willed to my next of kin. Needles to say, I take shaving seriously. Thanks to the Goatee Saver, I have peace of mind because it can be adjusted to fit my beard so I can shave around it with ease and precision. $19.99 — Goatee Saver
Nerd Approved
SLR Lens iPhone mountThere have been other, even more awkward SLR mounts for iPhones in the past, but none of them compare to this version from Photojojo. What it does is allow you to mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4/iPhone 3G or 3GS to give your phone “powerful depth of field and manual focus”. Think of it like ripping the engine out of a Ferrari and mounting it on a moped. That's how little sense this makes. $249 — Photojojo via Nerd Approved

Nerd Approved
USB burger hand warmer and massagerRub this USB-powered burger on your tired, aching muscles and feel the tension just melt away like so much gooey cheddar on a grill. It also has a heating element that you can use to warm your hands when it's chilly in the office. Plus, you know it's quality because it comes with a recommendation by both the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese. $12 — Brando

Nerd Approved
Solar-powered bikiniYou may be at high risk for skin cancer, but at least your cell phone is full charged. Designer Andrew Schneider has developed a solar-powered bikini that will absorb the sun’s rays and pass them on to your gadgets via a USB connection. Needless to say, taking a dip in the pool could prove catastrophic. If you would like to wear one of these out to the beach next year, custom orders are being taken. Solar Coterie via Fashionably Geek

Nerd Approved
Optical mouse and digital pocket scaleHow many times have you wished there was a more convenient way to weigh your hand? This optical mouse/digital pocket scale combo proves that just because you can converge to products together doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Plus, you're bound to transfer some of that gunk to your keyboard where it will get jammed with "oregano" or whatever other "spices" you choose to measure out with this thing. $22 — Brando
Nerd Approved
Portable watermelon coolerThe sole purpose of this device is to transport your watermelon so you can keep it cold on the road. If that wasn't odd enough, you can also tip a switch and use it to keep your watermelon hot (who doesn't love some hot watermelon on a summer day?). It also kind of looks like a spaceship built by some sort of advanced watermelon civilization. $260 — Joybond via That's Nerdalicious


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