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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awesome Vertical Garden With Recycled PET Bottles At Poor Family Home In Sao Paulo

by Paula Alvarado

Vertical Garden With Recycled PET Bottles In Sao Paulo Photo
Photos: Rosenbaum.

Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum collaborates with TV show Caldeirao do Huck in a segment called Lar doce lar (Home Sweet Home), which helps families in need re-designing their homes to improve their lives and self-esteem.

In its latest work for a family living in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, the firm included this neat vertical garden made from recycled PET bottles.

Close-up Vertical Garden With Recycled PET Bottles In Sao Paulo Photo

Although the idea is cool in itself, it's so much better knowing that it's part of a project to improve the lives of three women (mother and two daughters) that live in a one bedroom home with an income of 200 Reais (130 US Dollars) a month.

Putting together an urban farm was not the designer's whim either: the women already had an eco conscience and grew in small containers made from recovered food packaging.

PET Bottle Recycled As Hanging Plant Container Photo

The arrangement is of course thought for vegetables that don't take a lot of space to grow, like spices and medicinal herbs.

Its structure is pretty self-explanatory from the pictures, but the response from the public was so positive that the designer published a little tutorial showing how to cut and hang the bottles.

Instructions To Recycle PET Bottle As Hanging Plant Container Image
The whole design for the house is gorgeous, more pics of the reformed kitchen, room and living room can be seen at the designer's website.
Just like mentioned in my previous article about Adobe for women, it's encouraging to see designers' skills used for these types of purposes instead of focused in creating more stuff.

Vertical Garden With Recycled PET Bottles In Sao Paulo Photo