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Monday, June 27, 2011

Star Wars Blueprints Coming This Fall


J. W. Rinzler wrote two amazing books about the making of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back and this fall he’s releasing a book of Star Wars Blueprints. The book will be an oversided limited edition featuring over 200 blueprints including The Millennium Falcon, Droids (including R2-D2), The Y-wing and the X-wing starfighters, The Rebel Blockade Runner, The Cantina, The Death Star, The Ewok forest, the battle of Hoth, and more.

“The unsung heroes of the art departments are the draftsmen, who drew in collaboration with their art department heads, but who also added their own ideas,” said Rinzler. “Their blueprints have an attribute that concept art lacks-a sense of the real. It’s been an amazing adventure to bring these blueprints to light after all these years.”

You can preview the book at its official site, and they’ve also released a trailer: