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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Schumacher Mi3: The Fastest Remote-Controlled Car in the World - Goes 161.76 MPH

You’re looking at the fastest radio-controlled model car in the world: a Schumacher Mi3 that currently holds the world record of 161.76 mph.

It’s not easy getting an electric vehicle that small to go that fast. According to Generation Concept, this $4,000 mini road rocket is a marvel of technology, consisting of an ultra-light carbon fiber chassis zipping along at blistering speeds thanks to an 11 hp electric motor powered by a 12-cell battery pack.

Shaped like those full-sized rocket cars that break land speed records, the Mi3′s insides resemble a skateboard packed with batteries and electronics.

You think 161.76 mph is fast? So does its owner, Nick Case. But his need for speed is great, and he’s currently working on the “Streamliner,” another electric radio-controlled car that he says will break the 200 MPH barrier. Don’t forget to shoot some video for us, Nick.

What would it take to break the land speed record for a full-sized car? The little car would have to travel at a speed of 763 mph to beat Royal Air Force fighter pilot Andy Green’s jet-powered “Thrust SSC” (supersonic car), which set the world land speed record way back in October 1997.

[via Technabob]

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