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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Daisy, the Houdini-like cow that can open gates with her tongue

By Ali Plumb

If you were under the impression that cows weren't that clever, then prepare to think again. Our case in point: an ingenious Houdini-like cow by the name of, you guessed it, Daisy.

Now despite her seemingly unremarkable name, our Daisy is one clever bloody cow. You see, it turns out that she was sick of being cooped up in her cow shed all day, so she recently decided to do something about it.

Slickly using her tongue, she discovered she was able to whip out the bolts in the gate to her part of the shed, allowing the whole herd to funnel out into the open air.

Her owner, a Northern Irish farmer by the name of Tom Grant, thought that he might have some cattle rustlers on his hands after he kept seeing his cows wandering free – that is, until he whipped his camera out and recorded Daisy's remarkable trick.

The footage is below for you to take a look but, but just to get them over with, here are some horrific cow puns that we somehow managed to resist mentioning in the actual news story: "This is 'udder' genius", "'Cow' did they do that?", and "Meet 'Moo-dini'!" Oh, wait, no we didn't. Damn. Sorry about that.


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