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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yahoo Answers On How To Become A Real Life Hulk

Posted by Editorial Staff

  • I just don’t have the heart to make fun of this boy. He truly believes that he’ll make a real life hulk one day. The boy posted his question up on Yahoo Answers to find some help. And I believe he really got the most accurate answer.

    real life hulk yahoo answers Yahoo Answers On How To Become A Real Life Hulk

    One more winner answer from the same Yahoo Answers page:

    No it is not. Real life HULK is not possible. Comics writers are creative when they wrote or drawing action heroes out of them. I too was curious about Hulk character when someone is angry and in rage his whole metabolism change and get bigger and bigger and he turn himself into a green monster. Very unlikely, that this one could happen in real life. I too have another theory, what if you have one watch in your wrist. If you like to stop the time for a split second it will. And put this one in a wrong hands, they could easily rob different banks in just one day. Another one is being invisible. Is it also possible just by drinking a potion, you become totally unseen? All of these theories belong to a wrong person or wrong hands is diabolical in nature.

    You already told us yourself real life HULK is a long shot so why bother to think about it. The writer who wrote the HULK character is out to entertain us and amuse us nothing more nothing less. Create a super soldier who never die? IMPOSSIBLE. Soldiers die because they can be replace that is the idea of it. But soldiers who will be there for many years? I doubt no soldiers will ever want to live forever. Create a super soldiers for what? Create new wars? People donot like wars anymore, we have enough wars that could last us a thousand years. What we need are solution to our problems like poverty and battle for medicine that eradicate the up coming virus that could wipe out the entire race. WE DONOT NEED SUPER SOLDIERS, you are reading too much comic books.

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    Anonymous May 10, 2011 at 4:40 PM  

    To be as honest and literal as possible, the closest humans have come to making a real-life hulk is through steroids. We've seen it plenty enough. There are people at the gym enhancing their bodies to hulk size every day. The tricky part is that the hulk only turns green and grows when David gets angry. In the original conception of the comic the story investigated people in heightened emotional states and great emergency developing the strength to do the un-doable. So I would combine studying situations like that (mental institutions, extreme sports, war-torn nations, etc. If you were to combine what science already knows about steroids and amphetamines with the situations that release the chemicals to make great feats of strength (extreme emotions), then you may find your answer. Note: The hard part is finding an answer that won't kill or damage your body. When investigating steroids, be sure to also look into the laundry list of side effects. It's human nature to want to be better, and it's human nature to make things worse. You're playing with fire. Don't get yourself burned.


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