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Friday, May 27, 2011

Forget Digital! Photographs Taken With Eggs


Francesco Capponi likes to create pinhole cameras out of anything he can get his clever hands on. From bird houses, to hats, to small seeds, he’s made cameras out of just about everything. His latest creation? Taking pictures using a chicken egg as both the camera and film.
Capponi had the idea of making a camera that would take just one photograph and also serve as the film. With photographs that must be broken out of the shell just like a baby bird, his “Pinhegg” (pin hole egg) camera was the perfect answer.

Using photographic emulsion (a light sensitive chemical much like film) coated on the inside of the shell, Capponi’s photographs develop slowly over 30 seconds and afterward are developed like standard film photographs. The last step is to break open the hole in the shell, revealing a negative exposure of the outside world (the photographs here with a black shell have been inverted to show a positive image).
Check out his website for more images, his other unusual cameras and full instructions on the process.