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Friday, April 22, 2011

Police arrest man INSIDE his house for taking cell phone video of traffic stop

"There are police who use the badge to bully, and I believe that's who I met."
Chris | InformationLiberation

Wow, this video is scary. The man is recording some police officers from his own garage and some thug cop out of nowhere walks up to him and tries to steal his phone under the obvious lie it's "evidence."

"I'ma take the phone... 'cuz that's gonna be evidence... (Man refuses)... You want to go to jail?... Withholding evidence."

It's clear from the way he's acting it's pure brazen intimidation and thuggery.

CBS reports:

VALLEJO (CBS 5) — The Vallejo Police Department is under scrutiny after a man was handcuffed and cited for recording four people being arrested near his home. [...]

While Duchine was recording, Officer Scott Yates approached and asked for his cell phone, saying it was evidence. After Duchine refused, he was handcuffed and issued a ticket for obstructing justice. Video of the incident was then posted on YouTube.

The article claims police "may be backing down."

But police may be backing down. Duchine said he was recently contacted by Internal Affairs, asking that he may be interviewed for their investigation.
They don't cite any evidence to support the claim they "may backing down." Instead, it sounds like they're trying to lure him into some sort of scam to have him talk without a lawyer, that's hugely problematic, no way in hell should he talk with these criminals.