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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keyboard Dock Turns iPhone Into Computer Touchpad [PICS]

by Charlie White

It’s about time you put that iPhone or iPod touch to work in the office. If you dock it into this Wow-Keys full-sized keyboard, either can serve as an input device for your Mac or PC. And if you don’t like typing on a touchscreen, you can use the keyboard as an input device for an iPhone or iPod touch.

Besides those tricks, the CompuExpert Wow-Keys act just like an ordinary dock, charging your device and syncing it with iTunes at the same time. When you want to use it as an input device for your Mac or PC, there’s an iOS app with 12 hotkeys that let you perform commonly used functions.

We like the fact that this keyboard is full-sized and versatile enough to serve as an input device for both computer and handset. Take a look at the gallery, and you’ll see a few ways to put that iPhone to work. It’s not going to put your iPhone output on-screen like the Motorola Atrix does, but this could add some convenience to your daily routine.

The keyboard begins shipping May 24 and costs $99.99.