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Monday, April 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen Receives Standing Ovation in Chicago


Charlie Sheen
Richard Cartwright/ABC

The actor changes up the format for the second night of his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour after getting booed off the stage in Detroit.

Seems like the Chicago crowd who paid to see Charlie Sheen's My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour in its second night showed up with an open mind.

At the start of Sunday's show -- which came a day after the actor was booed off the stage in Detroit on the first night of the tour -- the audience chanted, "Detroit sucks!" according to tweets posted online by several attendees, including the Chicago Sun-Times' Richard Roeper.

Not only was there not a mass exodus by the audience, but they gave him a standing ovation, according to tweets posted by attendees including Roe Conn, who co-hosts radio program The Roe Conn Show with Roeper.

Sheen also shook up the format for Night 2, which took place at the 3,600-seat Chicago Theatre, which reportedly had sold out of tickets before the show started.

The Chicago show started off with a Q&A between Sheen and an unknown questioner that continued throughout the night. However, Sheen apparently didn't answer several of the questions, according to Dan Proft, a Chicago radio talk show host.

Also during the show, Sheen also made a reference to his being fired from Two and a Half Men last month, Conn twetted.Seemingly referring to his former bosses at CBS and Warner Bros. TV -- and, presumably, series co-creator Chuck Lorre -- Sheen said: "I made $5 billion for those a--holes and then they fired me. If I made $10 billion, they would have killed me in front of my family."

Sheen then added that if they hired him back, he'd willingly rejoin the show. Yet, later in the show, he once again called his former bosses "trolls," according to Proft.

Roeper's midshow assessment? "We are about 45 minutes into this. Whatever you're doing right now, including sleeping, it's probably more engaging than this."

After Sheen took a 10-minute break, Roeper expressed surprise that "95 percent" of the crowd remained.

As for the crowd itself, Conn described the group as " a cross between a Sigma Chi Spring Formal at 2am and the 'C' boarding section at Southwest Airlines."

Also among the show's other "highlights":

-- Sheen's goddesses -- Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly-- give each other a fast kiss onstage and then quickly exit.

-- A fan yelled "Trainwreck!" and Sheen responded, "Go back to Detroit, dude."

-- Sheen asks the crowd: "Is it me or is it like a Cambodian outhouse in a heat wave up here?"

-- Sheen praised George Clooney as "f---ing cool, so cool he's a f---ing robot."

-- Sheen said he discovered the Internet and crack on the same night and then gave former Vice President Al Gore credit for inventing both.

-- Sheen asked a female audience member to remove her shirt. She demurred -- but a man described by various Twitter users as "fat" complied -- prompting Sheen to remove his own shirt and exchange it with the audience member, according to Conn.

-- The show ended with him reading a fan letter.

Sheen apparently felt the show went well. Asked toward the end of the show if he had fun, the actor replied: "Best time ever!"


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