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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can You Duet? This 'Thailand's Got Talent' Contestant Sure Can!


In what can only be described as the ultimate Crying Game shocker scene of reality TV, "Thailand's Got Talent" hopeful Nantita Khumpiramon auditioned this week for the show crooning both parts of a duet ("I'm going to sing two songs which I've remixed myself," Nantita cryptically announced)--and the results were so stunning, people all over the world are now talking about this most unusual, two-sided contestant.

Be sure to watch until the end, because trust me, it gets better:

At first, this seemed like a novelty act. "Initially, I was certain that you were a transexual, but once you began singing, I was fooled to think that you were female. After you started the male verse, I should have trusted my gut feeling," said one of the judges. But after all three judges put the transgender contestant through to the next round, Nantita's storyline became truly moving.

"[Kids] always made fun of me....And my dad never accepted me for who I am," the 27-year-old confessed. "The worst, he once beat me badly. He tried to beat me until I quit being gay.

"I want to tell my dad, I love you--and I finally made it now," Nantita ultimately declared.

You go, Nantita! I have no idea if your father is proud of you now (though he should be), but I sure am, and so are thousands of viewers across the Web.