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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kimmel’s Post-Oscar Show: Hanks, Tyson and Lindsay Lohan

Kimmel’s Post-Oscar Show: Hanks, Tyson and Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel recruited a bevy of A-list beauties – including Lindsay Lohan – for an elaborate spoof of TV fitness infomercials that premiered late Sunday night on his sixth annual post-Oscars edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

The “infomercial” was for an exercise program called the “Hottie Body Hump Club,” in which those who desire a “hottie body” are instructed to hump an inflated rubber exercise ball. Kimmel, of course, starred as the program’s guiding light – “Jimmy K” – in sweatshirt, gym shorts and requisite headband.

Somehow, Kimmel and his crew persuaded nine female stars to participate and, yes, hump the exercise balls in unison. Besides Lohan, Kimmel’s “Hottie Bodies” were Scarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa, Eva Longoria, Emily Blunt and Sofia Vergara. The lavishly produced infomercial video was reminiscent of the “Handsome Mens Club,” last year’s centerpiece production on Kimmel’s post-Oscar show. That one featured a surprising group of top male stars including Sting, Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, Matt Damon, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Lowe and others.

Watch Lindsay Lohan’s Surprise Appearance “Steal” the Show:
This year, the biggest surprise was Lohan, who has made no TV appearances lately other than court appearances. She’s currently facing grand theft charges in connection with a $2,500 necklace she’s accused of stealing from a jewelry store. She made a reference to the theft charges in the “Hottie Body” spoof when “Jimmy K” said the exercise program “is so affordable, it’s practically a steal!” That’s when Lohan quickly interjected: “Allegedly!”
What else did Kimmel cook up for the post-Oscar show? Here are some highlights:
“Tyler Perry’s The President’s Speech”: While the “Hottie Body Hump Club” might get the lion’s share of attention, we thought this spoof was the funnier bit – a “trailer” for an Americanized version of “The King’s Speech” starring Mike Tyson (“Sir Michael Tyson”) as a speech coach for President George W. Bush (who appeared only in stock video). Tyson was unbelievably funny.

Tyler Perry’s The President’s Speech
Tom Hanks’ Oscar story: The two-time Oscar winner told a surprisingly interesting story about the state of his two Oscar statuettes (for “Philadelphia” in 1993 and “Forrest Gump” in 1994). He said they’ve already corroded so badly just from people holding them occasionally that he has had to have them re-plated – and even that might not restore them to like-new condition.

Toddlers & Tiaras with Tom Hanks
“Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada Pageant”: This one was another pre-produced bit that has to be seen to be believed. It began with Hanks telling Kimmel that he’s appearing in a cable TV reality show with his “daughter,” six-year-old “Sophie” and then introducing a clip. We then saw Hanks playing the role of a creepy pageant dad on TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” preparing to enter his daughter in the “Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada Pageant.” The surprise ending: Sophie loses to … “Rhonda Howard,” whose “dad” is none other than Hanks’ pal Ron Howard, director of “Apollo 13.” The bit made reference to that movie, and also “Big” and, believe it or not, “Turner & Hooch.” The whole thing was a scream.

Watch Kimmel’s Interview with Tom Hanks on ABC’s Post-Oscars Special: