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Friday, February 11, 2011

The 10 Geekiest Hotels on the Planet


Having spent a good month staying in fairly nasty French B&B’s and hotels, I often found myself dreaming about my ideal place to rest my head. As a first installment, I thought I’d compile a list of the top 10 geekiest hotels in the world. If you’ve got any to add to the list, drop them in the comments!

1. Hotel 1000 – Seattle, USA
Why stay here? – Virtual Golf, super fast wifi and you can change the artwork on the wall with your iPhone

Winner of the Hospitality Tech Magazine 2008 award for innovation, the Hotel 1000 is a nerds dream palace. Any hotel with a golf simulator in it is a winner in my book, but this place also has what they call “a fully integrated IP infrastructure”. That may not sound cool, but when you find out that you can personalize hotel room temperatures, wall art, ambience (and more) all from your iPhone, you’ll be forgiven for letting a solitary tear rolled down your cheek. Rooms start at $199 per night which seems pretty reasonable to me.

2. Wild Canopy Reserve – Southern India
Why stay here? You get to live like an Ewok and nerd out to nature at the same time.

Due to land disputes, the Wild Canopy Reserve is currently closed. But we feel it’s worth featuring anyway. 50 feet up, you’ll get a birds eye view of all the local wildlife (elephants, leopards, tigers and more). The rooms are luxurious and there’s even a jacuzzi. This hotel makes the top 10 list for 2 reasons – i) It has great “nature nerd” appeal ii) Those wishing to fulfil their dream of leaving like ewoks can get pretty close here.

3. Hotel @ MIT – Boston, USA
Why stay here? – Jonny 5 is in the lobby.

Trust MIT to produce a hotel like this. If you have an “@” in your name, that definitely qualifies you for this list. Not only does the Hotel @ MIT have a super geeky name, there is also a robot in the lobby, in-room laser printing, equations on the bed sheets and Chemistry problems on the bathroom walls. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the mini bar fridge was full of mountain dew and the cheetos.

4. Hotel Sidi Driss – Matmata, Tunisia
Why stay here? – It’s the closest Star Wars geeks will ever get to Tatooine.

That’s right folks, for a price, you too can stay on Tatooine. Star Wars geeks the world over flock to these Berber caves year round. Amazingly, you can stay here for less $50 a night. Unfortunately no sign of “womp rats” or even T-16’s for that matter.

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