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Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Interesting Gallery of Old School Willy Wonka Fan Art

Published by Nattyb

For the rest of my life if anyone ever asks me who I think some of the most interesting book and movie characters are (of all time) I will always mention Willy Wonka.  More so the character Gene Wilder played than anything else.  He was just such a weirdo and yet so charming, perverted, and awesome at the same time.

I mean talk about an original.  And let’s not even mention the Johnny Depp version because I’ll just get really angry.  So I decided to see if there were any fans out there who could make some interesting interpretations of the 70s movie character.

Turns out there were a few brave souls.  Check out the artwork…

Thanks to the artists at Deviant Art for these.  If you need specific credit please contact us.  Thanks.

OK this is just freaky.

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