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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Billie Joe Armstrong To Join ‘American Idiot’ Musical For 50 Shows

By Travis Woods
Picture 13 Billie Joe Armstrong To Join American Idiot Musical For 50 Shows
Apparently Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong got a kick out of performing in the Broadway musical version of his band’s American Idiot album (God help us), as, according to Billboard, he has signed on for 50 more performances (ok, He’s not helping us).

“Producers said Tuesday the Green Day frontman will reprise the role of St. Jimmy in the punk rock musical that his songs inspired beginning Jan. 1 and ending Feb. 27 at The St. James Theatre.
“Armstrong will appear in the show in three large chunks – Jan. 1-9, Jan. 18-30 and Feb. 10-27. Original Broadway cast member Tony Vincent will end his run as St. Jimmy on Dec. 30.”
Apparently, when Armstrong made his Broadway debut in American Idiot last September, the box office was over $1 million, as opposed to the show’s usual, non-Armstrong take, which last week was $600,000, according to Billboard.  So it makes sense to toss Armstrong in—hey, it can’t be any worse than having a Broadway musical based on a teenager given super powers by a radioactive spider with music written by U2, right?  Right?