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Friday, November 19, 2010

Quidditch World Cup held in New York

Posted by Matt Pepin

I remember going to a Little League organizational meeting several years ago, and the talk was all about how lacrosse was booming and Little League participation was suffering as a result.

"Don't say 'lacrosse,' around here, that's a dirty word," one of the Little League officials quipped.

Turns out lacrosse may have been the least of their worries. The fourth Quidditch World Cup was held in New York over the weekend. That's interesting enough, but the size of it is astounding.

There were 46 teams, including squads from Boston University, University of Vermont, Emerson, Tufts, UMass, and Middlebury, competing in the sport of wizards that was popularized in the Harry Potter children's book series. More than 700 players participated, minus the flying on broomsticks (although they do have to run around with a broomstick between their legs). There is even a sanctioning body, the International Quidditch Association, complete with an NBA-style logo.

So who knows, maybe in a few years youth lacrosse leagues are going to be moaning about losing all their players to Quidditch. The upcoming new Potter movie will surely spike interest even more.

Here's a look at how the magical game is played given the limitations of mere humanity. (Video by the New York Daily News, includes interview with Boston University's goalie).

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