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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marijuana Policy Project: A clean sweep in Massachusetts!

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November 3, 2010

A clean sweep in Massachusetts!

Yesterday, 18 legislative districts were given the opportunity to let their legislators know that marijuana policy in Massachusetts needs reforming. On ballots across Massachusetts, voters were asked if their state officials should support medical marijuana or taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. In all 18 districts, the voters sent a message to Boston. Reform must happen.

Nine districts had public policy questions on the ballot asking if medical marijuana should be available to seriously ill residents with a doctor’s recommendation. All nine districts agreed it should be. Nine districts asked if marijuana should be taxed and regulated, like alcohol, as opposed to the current outright prohibition, which creates violence and wastes millions in resources. They all said yes. Although these questions are non-binding, they certainly send a strong message to legislators that reform must happen.

Many thanks go out to the various organizations who worked so tirelessly on these PPQs, including the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts and MassCann. These organizations have helped amplify your voice, now it’s time to make sure it’s heard in Boston!

Thank you kindly for all your support and help.


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Robert J. Capecchi
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project