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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iPhone Google Voice App: Download Now at Last


Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 2.46.09 PM
The Beatles on iTunes weren't the only big update of the day for Apple's online music store. The App Store is getting a little something we've all been waiting for called Google Voice.

Some of you may remember the long history that came with getting a Google Voice App on the iPhone. It's not quite as long as getting the Fab Four on the iTunes Store, but the result may be more exciting to some iPhone owners.

IPhone Screenshot 1

We're all huge fans of Google Voice, and have praised it a few times before.

IPhone Screenshot 4

Nice YouTube plug there, Google.

The App has been redesigned, and now combines free SMS texting and the phone functionality within the same application. Which can be a bit nicer than jumping back and forth as you would with the iPhone's applications.

IPhone Screenshot 2

We love the inbox's design.

It combines your Google Voice inbox (which holds your voicemail messages and even transcribes them into text).

The app has four tabs: the aforementioned Inbox, Dialer, Contacts and Settings. Because the dialer combines calling and texting within one menu, its easy to dial out. However, you will only see the phone number you are texting rather than the name of contact.

Push notifications will alert you when you get a message. It all works pretty well so far.

Google Voice can be downloaded for free on the App Store: Here.