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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hugh Hefner giving away Golden Tickets to the Playboy Mansion


Hugh Hefner Golden Ticket Playboy Mansion Party

If you've been reading Nerve for the last year or four, you know I've been carefully watching the fall of Playboy Enterprises and chronicling its every desperate gasp, often with, I admit, unrestrained glee. But the collapse of Hugh Hefner's great empire is nothing to celebrate -- we'll all miss out on an institution that broke the "nudity barrier," lasted countless generations, and gave us great issues month after month, with high-quality journalism and fiction writing... oh, and knockers. Lots of knockers.

Now, Hefner is up to something that has me scratching my head once again. He's slipping ten "Golden Tickets," a la Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, into this month's Playboy. Each ticket entitles the bearer and a guest to something called "The Midsummer Night's Dream Party" at the Playboy Mansion. This includes a hotel stay and round-trip transportation, although you'll probably end up spending the night so as not to miss the orgy.

The party and "Golden Tickets" represent a rare chance for the average schmo to go hang out inside the Mansion, the subject of billions of rumors, movies, news stories and STDs. Based on a 200,000 copy print run, your chances are 1 in 20,000 of getting in.


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