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Monday, October 18, 2010

USSR's Moon Lander: A New Look At A Space Race Oddity

You can see the hammer and sickle, and the "C" in "CCCP."

What is this thing? It's the USSR's version of the lunar module that -- as far as know -- never made it to the moon.

It's not on public display, but a student got a tour of the storage facility in Russia and posted pictures to his livejournal page, the website ZMEScience reports.
It's not like no one knew what the LK Lander looked like, but the historic curiosity has been out of public sight for a while.

The somewhat translated explanation from the livejournal page:Very original shot was due to secrecy. "Much to show you I just can not, although that may be confidential in the engines, R-7, I do not understand, because in the internet and so this in bulk, but here at the Department of the R-7 - a secret unit. Okay, we are accustomed to all sorts of wonders and absurdities."

It's "an engineering relic," ZMEScience says.


As always, the USSR's design seem more brutal compared to NASA's sleekness