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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Types of Mullets!

This is a list of my favorite variations of the Mullet. Whether its the Mullet, The SFLB (Short in the Front, Long in the Back), The BFPB (Business in the Front, Party in the Back), The Kentucky Waterfall, The Yes No, The Neck Protector, The 10/90, The Mud Flap, The Neck Warmer or The Sphinx, there's a place in this world for the Mullet. So why not appreciate its magnificence?
Mullet (haircut)
The Classic Mullet. The one that makes you smile when you see it and wonder whats going on in the mind of that person.

This is for the 1983 rocker type. More of a rebellion from the forced haircut your mother made you have, but you can't completely give up because you're afraid of the outcome.

Kung Fu Mullet
While on set filming "Walker: Texas Ranger", the film crew came across a still born calf. Chuck Norris went up to the baby calf and rubbed his beard on it gently to nestle him back to life. The film crew was in shock and couldn't believe their eyes. Out of nowhere Chuck Norris Round House kicked the baby calf in the face and killed it! When one of the film crew screamed, "Why'd you do that?!?!?" Chuck replied, "This is to remind you all that Chuck Norris giveth, but Chuck Norris taketh away."

This is a very stylish Mullet. The Femullet is a mullet on a female and I feel the one who represents this the best in the mom from the Brady Bunch!

The AC Mullet
Also known as the Latino Mullet. This is probably the sexiest of the mullets. Grease that bad boy up and you're good to go!

How can you get more of a dirty haircut then this bad boy? I don't even know what to say about this one. I'm speechless.

Sometimes just your neck gets cold, and thats okay! Maybe you can't completely admit that you have a receding hairline so why not show off how much hair you can grow from the back of your head?

This is one of my favorites! I feel that this style would be the hardest to maintain, especially in humid weather.

Why not just through a bowl on your head and cut everything off that is sticking out? You know what? Maybe just leave the back not cut...

It's clean. It's sporty. Its aerodynamic. All you need is a neon green and pink track suit and you'll get all the ladies!