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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eight Video Games Performed Live

Posted by Jeremy M. Zoss


pole position.JPG
When real people recreate games
Video game fan art takes many forms, from drawings of characters to elaborate cosplay. And then there are those who take things a step further and attempt to bring the world of a game into our own. Several groups of gaming fans have attempted to recreate video games live, and here are some of our favorite results of those experiments.

Performing video games "live" can mean many things, and thus you'll see a few different interpretations on this list. There are video games performed on stage, stop-motion videos and even an elaborate construction project. Of course, there are several more live-action gaming homages out there, so please feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Live-Action Super Mario Bros.

This classic clip recreates a familiar scene from Super Mario Bros. in impressive detail.

Live-action Tetris

The classic puzzle game performed live on stage. We'll have to let a critical violation of the game's rules slide due to technical limitations.

Live-action Duck Hunt

Nintendo's Duck Hunt is recreated on stage by the same group that created the Tetris video above. The anime twist can be attributed to the fact that it was performed at an anime convention.

Human Pong

Each of these stop-motion videos was created by Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond,  who designed them for a Belgian gaming festival in 2007.

Human Space Invaders

Guillaume Reymond's take on the classic shooter.

Human Pole Position

Reymond's version of a racing game is based on the primitive Pole Position - he would have had a hard time pulling off the comparatively more sophisticated Pole Position II.

Mega64's Assassin's Creed

Live versions of video games is what comedy group Mega64 does. Here's one of our favorites.

Remote-controlled WipeOut

A very different take on a live-action video game, German designer Malte Jehmlich's physical recreation of WipeOut was a huge viral hit on the 'net a few months ago. By building a WipeOut-inspired track and pairing video game controls with an actual physical car, he completely reinterpreted the relationship between games and the real world.