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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 Sports That Required Hallucinogens to Invent

Posted by Dan

Some of the most popular sports in the world are based around fairly basic principals. Using a specific part of your body, move a ball to a specific location while stopping opponents and their body parts from doing the same. Sometimes you must use a stick, and sometimes the ball is a puck. However, throw a handful of magic mushrooms into the mix and suddenly the ball is a toilet on skis. The following are some really bizarre sports that really make you wonder “wtf were people smoking when they came up with them?”


Octopush, or underwater hockey was invented in Portsmouth, England by diver Alan Blake back in 1954. Equipped with diving masks, snorkels, fins, swim caps and a glove, players use their “pushers” to push the lead “squid” into the 3-meter “gulleys” on each end of the swimming pool.

Cheese Rolling

There aren’t many foods in this world I would risk breaking every bone in my body to chase down a hill. For Double Gloucester cheese however, I would make an exception.

The event is a 200-year old tradition, taking place annually at Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, a small village near Gloucester England. Due to the amount of injuries sustained over the years, the official event was cancelled in 2010. That did not stop 500 people, locals and cheese-rolling enthusiasts from around the world from showing up anyways, firing up some unofficial cheese races of their own.

Chess Boxing

You know that feeling, when your chess opponent defeats your queen with a stupid pawn, and you wish you could just flip the board and punch them in the face?

To fully understand the subtle intricacies of this brain/brawn hybrid, we can always look to the Wu-tang Clan.

Outhouse Racing

The Holy Crapper, the Wee Wee Tee Pee, the Flamingo Flusher and the Shot and Squat Saloon are so much more than just hilarious nicknames for your dog. They were the most recent entries to Mackintaw Michigan’s annual winter outhouse race. The rules are simple: build an outhouse, mount it on skis, get unbelievably hammered, and run the crap outta those race toilets!

Binocular Soccer

Not an official sport, but it really, really should be. I also feel that not enough referees wear bunny helmets


While most countries use objects like pucks or balls for their sports, things are a little more intense in south-central Asia. Buzkashi, the ancient and national sport of Afghanistan, takes place on horseback, and instead of the friendly ball they use the corpse of a headless goat.

For more decapitated goat action you can watch it here, Rambo style.