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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lady Gaga's 'Big Eyes' Spark Health Warning


When Lady Gaga premiered her "Bad Romance" video last year, everyone overlooked her sexy moves and barely-there outfits and, instead, was spell-bound by her big eyes.

Specifically, the wacky contacts that make your pupils a size only found in anime videos or "Bambi."

Since they're illegal to sell in the U.S., fashion-forward teens have been venturing to online stores in Asia to seek them out.

Though they're only $20 a pop, opticians are afraid they may cause infections, damaged vision -- even blindness. However, Korean contact-lens company CircleLens2U told BBC's Newbeat, "They are just like any normal, soft-color contact lenses you could found [sic] on the market."

While we'd all love to have peepers like "America's Next Top Model" contestant Rachel (who was born with the look), we might be better off letting Lady Gaga keep this trend to herself, rather than risk it all just to look more innocent.

Check out how Lady Gaga rocks the doe eyes after the jump.