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Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Throw A Party on Your Boat

Annual boat party
Annual boat party

Boats are not only used for the seas. The latest phase is using boats for having casual or elaborate parties. People who live in areas that don't have access to natural bodies of water always enjoy the chance to attend a party out on the water. When opportunity arises to go on a boat whether it be a day in the sun on the sea or a night cruise under the stars, the average person will jump at the chance. Owning a boat is a luxury for most, so attending a party on a boat is a special treat.

Planning for a party takes much thought, imagination and preparation. If you want to hire a party planner for such an event, it will certainly make things easier for your. But it's also something that you can do if you take in consideration all the details involved in making the party a success.

Choosing a Theme for Your Boat Party

To get started you should consider selecting a theme. Picking a theme depends on how much of a budget you have to work with. An affordable theme would be a card party (Black-Jack or Texas hold’em, with a Karaoke night); this would enable friends to get together and enjoy a night of gambling at sea. This type of party is inexpensive and casual. The need for decorations for such a party is minimal. Green felt can be used for covering a table and a simple boom-box can be used for Karaoke. If you feel food for the party may be over your budget, you can ask your guests to bring an item. This is a great way to kick-back and enjoy yourself without a huge expense.

Selecting a more elaborate theme can be more expensive. Keep in mind when working with a budget, the more exotic the theme, the higher the cost will be. If you choose a Hawaiian, Iron Chef, or Titanic theme, the decorations and elaborate foods will bring the cost up. The expense of different types of food to fit your theme can diminish your allocations quickly. Decorations can add up quickly also. Because of this, try to be imaginative with decorations. Some decorations you might purchase can be made easily by yourself and will probably come out better.

Depending upon your theme, invitations should be sent out accordingly. For a casual party a simple phone call, e-mail or online invitation would be appropriate. A privately mailed invitation is appropriate for a formal party, or for a theme party where your guests would have to dress accordingly.

Following Safety Rules and Regulations

Most importantly, the guest list must be held to the appropriate number for safety rules and regulations. Because the party is at sea and not on land, the motto “the more the merrier” does not apply. Boat usage must adhere to local laws. You have to make certain you have the proper amount of life jackets on board for each guest. Each guest should be aware of where the life jackets are kept and abide by the laws of the sea. Fire extinguishers must be close to the food area, especially if you are using small burners.

Safety, as always, should be a huge factor when inviting your guests. The boat cannot be overcrowded with people. For safety purposes, the boat should be well lit. Decorative lights on the boat can serve beneficial for both safety and creating a party mood for your guests. Inexpensive lights can be strung along side the boat depending on the theme for selected.

To make your party a huge success, creating a time-line is just as important as keeping to your budget. Since the boat can get filled up quickly, and there might not be as much room as you would like, managing your time is essential. Before your guests arrive, all decorations and preparation of food should be in order. Having the tables set-up, food all ready to be put out or placed on small burners before the guests arrive will be an efficient use of your time.

Most importantly, an inspection of the boat should be first on the list. Make sure the boat is in mechanical order, navigation maps on handy, all safety devices are checked and ready for use. After planning your time line and everything is in order, you can be assured you can sit back and enjoy being with your guests.

With the proper planning, your party will go smoothly and your guest will have a great time!

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