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Monday, August 2, 2010

90 Kills in 90 Minutes

Saw director reveals the gruesome details of his latest screenplay.

July 30, 2010

Not much has been said about Darren Lynn Bousman's latest bloodfest 90, but the famed Saw director has recently revealed some of the film's splattering details.

According to, the premise is pretty basic: 90 kills in 90 minutes. The movie isn't in real time, but the story follows a wrongfully convicted man who has spent some time in prison. Upon his release, he decides to get his revenge on the hotshot detective who put him behind bars, but instead of killing the man himself, he goes on a bloody rampage by killing one person for each of the detective's convictions.

To keep track of the 90 kills, the murderer is said to acquire a tally counter that he'll use to click in every man he downs. There will have to be some mass kills to accommodate the movie's brief running time, but Bousman assures that there'll be plenty of one-on-ones to keep you satisfied too.

Unfortunately for now, 90 remains just a script, but Bousman plans for a 3D presentation if and when the film moves into production.