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Friday, July 30, 2010

Vanilla Ice Jumps a Car Through Fire Into a Lake

vanilla ice car jump.jpg
At an undisclosed location north of Palm Beach, Wellington resident Vanilla Ice -- also known as Rob Van Winkle -- finally completed a stunt he's been working on and planning for months. He lit a '67 Cadillac on fire, then drove it off a jump and into a lake.

Rob bought the car nearly a year ago with this jump in mind. This is the first glimpse of the jump, though Rob is hoping people will still tune into the reality show he's starring in, scheduled to begin airing in September.

The reality show follows Rob purchasing and "flipping" luxury houses in posh South Florida neighborhoods. Each episode will also feature footage of Rob performing on the road and participating in extreme daredevil stunts like this one.

He had scheduled the jump on a few other occasions, but something got in the way each time.

I spoke to Rob last night, and he told me the jump was "perfect."


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