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Friday, July 23, 2010

The 15 Best Re-cut Movie Trailers

by Jerod

We are currently in the midst of July’s dog days, with August’s dog days just around the corner. What that means, from a sports perspective, is that almost nothing important is going on right now.

Sure, Sweet Lou announced yesterday that he’s stepping down at year’s end. Yes, the Chicago White Sox won again (in the process extending their AL Central lead to 3.5 games after being 9.5 out back in June). And I’m sure there are other tidbits of sports info we could talk about.

But really, until baseball hits September and we get closer to preseason NFL football and college football’s kickoff weekend, the sports world is a pretty boring place.

However, at MSF we refuse to remain beholden to the currently barren sports calendar. That is why, like yesterday, I am going totally off-topic this morning in my daily quest to entertain you. If sports can’t do it, well, that’s what pointless (but clever!) Internet memes are for.

One of the most clever and entertaining memes I’ve come across is the practice of re-cutting famous movies to create new, usually wonderfully ironic trailers.

dumb-and-dumber-re-cut-movie-trailersI tip my hat to Jimmy Traina, the Grand Poobah of SI’s Hot Clicks, who has featured two such re-cut trailers from Seinfeld. I loved those so much I decided to dig into YouTube and find out what other such videos might exist.

Much to my surprise, considering how time consuming these videos must be to make, there are a ton of them. I really shouldn’t be surprised though, because when Al Gore created the Internet he created a place that never, ever lets us down in our search for constant entertainment.

Since there is nothing better to this morning (except for actual, you know, work…HA!), I have painstakingly watched as many of these re-cut trailers as I could find, sifted through the crap, and will now proudly present you with the following list of the best re-cut movie trailers.

We’ll start out with the videos that introduced me to this meme, from everyone’s favorite 90s sitcom Seinfeld, and then end with what have to be the two best (a statement I have no doubt that KVB will agree with).

Seinfeld Re-cut Movie Trailer: George

Seinfeld Re-Cut Movie Trailer: Serenity Now

There is also a horror movie trailer for Seinfeld too. I didn’t think that one was as good, but you can click here to watch it if you like.

Sticking with TV, there is a terrific “Halloween” version of The Office. This one is especially well done.

The Office Re-cut Movie Trailer: Halloween

If you’re a fan of The Office, there is also a 300 version. I don’t like it as much as the Halloween version, but it’s still pretty funny. Click here to view.

Moving away from TV into movieland, I’m sure that you have seen The Shining…but have you seen romantic comedy version of it?

The Shining Re-Cut Movie Trailer: Romantic Comedy Version

This next one actually isn’t that far off from the original as it re-imagines Willy Wonka as a powerful drug kingpin…which he kind of was in the original version.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Re-cut Movie Trailer

And if you needed any more evidence for how important music is to setting the tone of a movie, watch this trailer for Scary Mary, the horror version of Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins Re-cut Move Trailer: Scary Mary

Need more evidence of the importance of music? Check out Sleepless in Seattle (the Fatal Attraction version).

Sleepless in Seattle Re-cut Movie Trailer: Fatal Attraction Version

And, of course, it goes both ways. There is also the comedic version of Shawshank Redemption…

Shawshank Redemption Re-cut Movie Trailer: Comedy Version

And while this really is sacrilege, because Shawshank is one of the 10 best movies of all time, with no debate necessary or possible, I have to include this one. It’s Shawshank again…but with Red and Andy getting even closer than they do in the original.

Shawkshank Redemption Re-cut Movie Trailer: Bromance Edition

And while we’re in the Bleachers at Wrigley, I might as well include the romantic Top Gun in which Maverick and Iceman become a little more than friends.

Top Gun Re-cut Movie Trailer: Probably What Actually Happened on Set Edition

And before I reveal the final trio of videos that comprise my personal best of the best, here are a couple of others I thought we worth including:

Home Alone Re-cut Movie Trailer: Horror Edition

Forrest Gump Re-cut Movie Trailer: Forrest Goes Nuts Edition

And finally, perhaps the crowning achievement for the intrepid Internetpreneurs who spent their valuable time making these videos are the following three.

When you can turn a comedy classic like Dumb and Dumber into a horror movie, or make it seem emotional and dramatic, well, that’s just trailer editing at its absolute best.

Dumb and Dumber Re-cut Movie Trailer: Horror Edition

Dumb and Dumber Re-cut Movie Trailer: Emotional Edition

Dumb and Dumber Re-cut Movie Trailer: Overly Dramatic Edition

If you want still more, here are a few others that didn’t make the cut:

As always, if there are any that I missed, don’t hesitate to post links in the comment section.

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