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Monday, June 21, 2010

Working iPhone 4 slips out, produces camera samples

iPhone 4 reaches Czech early for impressions

The iPhone 4 has landed in the hands of a Czech who has managed a test of the phone and its camera, including HD video. Swenak explained that the phone feels good in the hand, isn't prone to slipping, and is relatively fast both in wide use and in getting a GPS lock-on. His only misgivings expressed to Jablíčkář are around the plastic frame between the metal and the glass, which he believed could get minor scratches over time.

The phone's thinner profile is much easier to fit in a pocket, Swenak added.

In testing the camera, still photos appear to have the quality of a typical point-and-shoot camera, though with relatively little visible noise or fringing artifacts. Video at 720p is sharp at its native size and has audio quality similar to an iPhone's with a comparatively quiet scene.

By Electronista Staff