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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skydivers smash freefall record in Australia


A team of Australian skydivers have broken their national record for the most freefallers in a formation.

Casting a spectacular image several thousand feet up, the 112-strong team smashed their national record for the most number of freefallers in a formation in the skies above Perris Valley, California, on Sunday.

Using precision timing and a well-rehearsed routine, the divers formed a giant circle with spokes circling out from the middle.

Plummeting towards earth at 120mph, they had just 70 seconds to find their partner and get into position to claim the title.

Incredibly the team broke the record three times in one day, after jumping with 105, 109 and finally 112 people.

The largest freefall formation on record was set in February 2004 in Thailand and comprised of 357 jumpers from over 40 countries.