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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now Pilot Handwriting Helps You Send Emails In Your Own Handwriting

By MOin

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Professional font creators have mastered the tools of their trade and know exactly how to bring their font concepts to life. But what if you are a web developer who has only recently entered the arena of font creation. You have not familiarized yourself with many tools yet and it might be a while before you can actually create the font that you are thinking of.

To dodge the traditional font creation tools, you can use a wonderful service named Pilot Handwriting.


Pilot Handwriting lets you create a font in your handwriting. You achieve this in a few easy steps:

  1. First, you create an account on the site.
  2. Next you print out a template. This template contains empty spaces in front of each font character.
  3. You write in the empty spaces, in your own handwriting, or whatever writing you want the font to be in.
  4. You provide the image of the filled-out paper to the site. You can do this by scanning the image through a scanner, or taking a snapshot through a webcam or digital camera.
  5. Pilot Handwriting recognizes each character and provides you with option to modify each character.
  6. Once done editing, you can save your font with a custom name.
  7. You can use any one of your created fonts to write a letter on the site and email it to the recipient.


Unfortunately the letter is the only thing you can do with your created font; the site does not let you download the font you create. But still, sending people e-letters in your own handwriting will appeal to many people.

Pilot Handwriting is a website with a very unique font creation idea. Check out Pilot Handwriting.