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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bears Playing Hockey

As creepy and disconcerting as it sounds:

And yes folks, it's real:

Last fall the bloggers seemed wary that the videos were a CGI trick, but they’re not. Hockey-playing bears are actually something of a tradition in Russia. Terry Jones wrote in The Edmonton Sun in December 1998 of the Moscow Circus on Ice’s tour of Canada, and how three Russian Oilers — Mikhail Shtalenkov, Andrei Kovalenko and Boris Mironov — went to a small rink in Clive, Alta., for a photo op with the bears...

But questions of animal cruelty aside. Are you disturbed by how eerily close bear-hockey is to real hockey? Does seeing something like that make you wonder just how different we humans are from the animals over whom we supposedly have dominion?