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Friday, May 14, 2010

Jason Lee: Once A Skateboarder Always A Skateboarder


It’s too bad My Name Is Earl has been canceled, but Jason Lee is back with a new show on TNT called Memphis Beat. I like to remember the old days when Jason Lee was a pro for the newly founded Blind Skateboards. In the old days, he wasn’t too different from the quirky guy he is now. The part that always makes me chuckle is when he was singing in Video Days, which I have posted below. Also, here are a few other Jason Lee video clips you may enjoy.

As an influential skateboarder from the ‘90s, plenty of people say Jason Lee is a sellout who ditched his decks for Hollywood. He even was one of the first skateboarders (along with Tony Hawk) to receive a signature shoe with Airwalk. But when you have an opportunity to go where the money is, sometimes you just can’t pass it up. At least we’ll always have these classic clips of him doing what he did best.

Here is the video clip of Jason Lee performing “There’s a war outside of your window”

Jason Lee’s part in Video Days.

Jason Lee’s still go it. 360 Flip on the set.