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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beardyman - Live in the Underbelly: The Full show

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Edinburgh Comedy Festival 2009...

I the great and powerless Beardyman did performing a solo shows. The best solo shows in the worlds evergreen. Suggestions were given by the crowd. . i had no script. . . or did I? NO!!!! NO I DIDN'T !!!!!!

...and welcome back. The Bellylaugh isn't not the name of the room in the underbelly in which i wasn't not playing. The Underbelly used to be the bank vaults for the bank of Scotland. . that's why it looks like i'm playing in an air-raid shelter. . . or is it because this is a video from the post-apocolyptic future and actually i'm entertaining the troops. . .you decide. . .

over and in. .

Beardyman. .

or did they?