Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed to enhance or restore one's appearance through medical and surgical procedures. This practice has become the drug of choice to many celebrities who go under the knife and is best demonstrated recently by junkie Heidi Montag, who claims she has an addiction to plastic surgery along with her substance abuse of dumb boyfriends. While many of these celebs undergo plastic surgery in order to transform into a better and more desirable version of themselves (well a tighter, bigger breasted, fuller-lipped version of themselves), sometimes the results are anything but desirable.

To illustrate examples of celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong, here are 12 celebs that should go on the cosmetic surgery wall of shame:

1. Carrot Top
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Carrot Top's transformation definitely makes our list. We can only wonder -- are those eyebrow tattoos?

2. Joan Rivers
Images: and INF.comJoan Rivers' motto is "Better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car." We normally agree with your fashion verdicts, Joan, but this time we have to disagree.

3. Bruce Jenner
Oh Bruce, you are one of our favorites on Keeping Up With the Kardashians so we won't hold it against you, but you looked ten times better prior to your surgical stint.

4. Dolly Parton
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The country signer's transformation has got us singing, "Goodbye Dolly."

5. Donatella Versace
Images: and INF.comAlthough the designer took her makeover a bit too far, we still love the clothes she puts onto the runway.

6. Heidi Montag
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Montag is officially the poster child for bad celebrity plastic surgery. Why Heidi, why?!

7. Michael Jackson
Images: A list of plastic surgery blunders is not complete without the King of Pop. RIP MJ.

8. Pamela Anderson
Images: and INF.comBeach Babe Pam Anderson is infamous for her large breasts, but we think they looked pretty good to begin with.

9.Tara Reid
Images: and TopNews.inInspiration to young girls everywhere to stay sober.

10. Melanie Griffith
Images: StarPulse.comThis is a classic case of celebrities taking it too far. Melanie Griffith looked great -- oh, 12 botox injections ago.

11. Jocelyn Wildenstein
More feline than female, this makeover has dubbed Jocelyn Wildenstein the "Cat Lady" -- and rightly so.

12. Amanda Lepore

Images: TheFabLife.comAmanda Lepore (or should we say Armand Leopre) began life as a man, but he has officially become a she -- but might we add, not a very good looking one. We have no more words.