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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sword swallower Chayne Hultgren claims world record

SOME people call Chayne Hultgren the Space Cowboy for good reason, the Byron Bay street peformer has dared to go where no man had before - swallowing 18 razor sharp swords.

Sword swallowing record

VIDEO: Sword swallowing record

Chayne Hultgren 'The Space Cowboy' breaks a world record, swallowing 18 swords.

 The professional sword swallower set the new Guinness World Record in Sydney today by swallowing all of the 72 centimetres long swords at the same time.

The 31-year-old beat his own previous record of 17 swords, which he set in 2008.
But for all those wannabe sword swallowers out there Mr Hultgren warned the stunt has taken years to perfect.
"It's amazing," Mr Hultgren said.

"I've been preparing for this since I was 16."
"It is definitely one of my greatest achievements so far.''

Hultgren began practising the art of sword swallowing at the age of 16 when he swallowed his first hose.
A few years later he upped the ante and began using stainless steel blades.

He swears his latest feat is not dangerous, but the cheeky entertainer conceded that ``it wasn't recommended by my doctor''.

"It's educated risk,'' he said.
"I don't just straight away grab 18 blades and shove them down my throat - you've got to practise a lot and build up to it.

"So I stretch my throat with hoses and use a few different techniques to basically enable me to do what, until now, has been impossible.''

Hultgren beat his own previous record of swallowing 17 swords - also a Guinness World Record, which he set in 2008.

He is the only person in the world to down more than 13 blades simultaneously, he said.

The Space Cowboy is a regular at the Royal Easter Show's "Psycho Sideshow" where he performs along side other side show acts such as Zoe Ellis, the Pain Proof Wonder who regularly climbs a ladders of swords barefoot.